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I am so passionate about the positive effects Pilates can have on the mind and the body. Focused on "the core", Pilates aims to bring strength from within applying the principles of; Breath, Centre, Control, Concentration, Precision and Flow to allow you to build a deeper connection with your body, allowing you to achieve more. My classes are low impact and aim to build strength and improve mobility. Each of my classes are designed to address the needs of every individual, taken at a pace so that you get the most out of each movement safely. I am passionate about giving people back their confidence in their bodies, allowing them to do more and feel great.

More about me....

I found exercises later in life when I played volleyball in my 20’s, I enjoyed playing on a team but was plagued with shoulder, knee and back issues that I was determined to address.  I had previously tried all sorts of remedies, but nothing made a lasting difference. While I was pregnant with my daughter someone suggested a pre-natal Pilates class to help alleviate my pain during my pregnancy and it just clicked! 

I had the most wonderful and supportive teacher and slowly the pain eased. I had two c-sections and after the prescribed rest period I was back doing postnatal Pilates and it really helped my mental health; giving me that “me” time and attention to my body allowing it to heal and strengthen. After a few years I was attending classes twice a week and growing stronger and more confident in my body. I had never been that sporty kid at school, but I can honestly say that Pilates has given me such confidence in my body and its capabilities and I’m so passionate about passing that on to others. Fear should not be a barrier to exercise, we just need to find out where to start and work from there. I would love to begin this journey with you, supporting you at every stage.

Highly recommend Sabrina! Her sessions are great fun and she really tailors them to your needs. She's very supportive and encouraging while pushing you to challenge yourself and get stronger. I love it and really look forward to my weekly stretches.

Helen Roberts

Can’t recommend Sabrina Estelle Pilates enough!! Thrilled that others can now learn from this brilliant instructor! Perfectly paced to suit you whilst still focusing on making progress.

Alex Pugh

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